A moment of clarity

This morning after a night spent avoiding little toddler feet kicking me in the kidney I hit snooze three times before rolling my arse out of bed. I plodded down the hall, checked in on Issy (who was snoring blissfully unaware it was stupid oclock) in the time it takes me to get to the top of the stair well my brain finally turns on – and yes it takes that long, otherwise do you think I would get up at stupid o’clock if my brain actually knew what was happening!

Anyway I digress …

At the top of the stairs as I reached for the rail and took my first step a light bulb went off in my now awakening brain.

Ohhhh! This is why I have a scheduled rest day! Because my entire body is knackered! πŸ˜‰

I mean even supergirl gets tired, so I guess I am in good company. πŸ™‚

I understand that I am sore because I am using my muscles in a completely new way and I’m tired because although I may be training less in a time sense than I was when I was competing in bodybuilding,Β  I am training in a completely different way and I am learning new skills at the same time, so its mentally draining as well.

Although I guess as my body adapts to the training the time will increase so I have a feeling I am going to be coveting those rest days .. although is walking around a mall considered “rest”? πŸ˜‰

I do hope so, because I’m atrocious when it comes to doing nothing .. and there are only so many times that you can clear out the garage before it ends in divorce.

Anyway although the body is weary I got through my run session. Today it was interval training and I *think* it was my “easy” run day.Β Β  For the first 25 minutes I was thinking “yep this is a nice run session to end the week with” the last 15 I was thinking “faark – this is the easy session?” as you can tell my fitness is still a little lacking πŸ˜‰

Tonight its my last swim session of the week and tomorrow is the aforementioned shopping rest day then I round off my week with a bike/run brick session.

Before signing off I want to end the working week with a new “segment”. There are times when I come across things that I want to share. They could be products, songs or even you tube clips that I’ve watched and thought “hmmm I need to share that on my blog”

So here we go …

Today it’s a blog post that was written by my amazing friend Lisa at Lisa’s World

The post really hit home with me and I’d love for you to read it and think about what she says next time you are in the now overcrowded gym you are inhabiting because it is full of theΒ  “New Years Resolutioners”

Those New Years Resolutioners were us once upon a time ..

Till next time

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