100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 7, Do You Have What It Takes?

Ludus did a grab one deal last week and sold over 200 vouchers which entitles the bearer to *unlimited* classes in November (*unlimited* = 7:15am, 10:30am and 12:30pm classes).

Thankfully all those newbies are not in “my” session – 6am is the biggest class of the day at Ludus so trying to fit in some extra bodies would be quite a mission but I do see all the wide eyed “excited” newbies waiting for the 7:15am session.

The funniest part is that “old ludians” who have been away and come back don’t have that air of excitement about them .. they are scared and they don’t mind admitting it. That’s because they know what is in store .. 😉

Where else would the warm up set be 100 lateral knee raise burpees?!?!

The one piece of advice I have to give .. count and if it means that you finish last – so be it.

Let me tell you that all Ludians respects the person who counts properly and gives it a go AND remember, this shit is HARD!

But nothing easy is worth doing .. right? 🙂

So onto Day 7 on the 100 Day burpee challenge.

As today is Day 7 that means it’s 7 burpees today .. after doing 100 lateral knee raise burpees this morning for the warm up (yep I wasn’t joking earlier) I wasn’t going to do anymore so I let James decide and he picked Double Downs (and not the KFC variety)!

Till next time

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