How to finish a race faster

On Sunday afternoon James and I were discussing our race experience – obviously his was a much shorter experience than mine.

I like to get my moneys worth and considering I nearly took twice the amount of time to finish than he did, I guess in that respect I was rather successful. 😉

Now as I’d never completed a half marathon before the idea was to finish (check) but I had hoped to do it in a WAY quicker time than what I ended up with.  Prior to the event I’d been pretty confident that I could finish in about 2 hours 45 but I’d quite obviously overestimated my ability and underestimated the course.

James however was proud of me regardless – because I’d finished – just like I said I would, after all he reasoned wasn’t that my goal?  To complete a half marathon?  Well I’d done just that so what’s the problem?

Still .. it didn’t stop me from being slightly bummed (and if I’m honest embarrassed) that it had taken so long.

Anyway James being a boy decided (as boys do) to offer advice on how I could have been faster (knee injury and all) ..

Don’t stop to take photos of EVERY SINGLE kilometer marker!  It’s supposed to be a race, not a tourist trip!

He looked even more bemused when I told him I’d snap chatted the entire event until my battery got down to 20% and then I’d switched to just taking photos (which if you were following me on snap chat that day is why there was a gap between marker 17 and the finish line).  Thankfully James still had a TONNE of battery left, because well quite frankly he ran fast  and didn’t use his phone, so I was able to continue to snap chat using his once I got to the finish.

Priorities ..  my snap chat followers may have been getting worried.  I’d taken so long even James came out onto the course looking for me!  #blesshim

But in my defense you only ever get ONE first half marathon .. next time I’ll “race”.

After all,  I have a time goal to aim for now and if I take less photos or heaven forbid no photos and I don’t have to wait for the toilet whilst out on the course I’m bound to beat it!

Till next time





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