100 days 100 burpees – Day 8 and the workout that bought me to tears.

JT was in charge of the session at Ludus this morning.

Each instructor has their own unique style and JT’s sessions are usually higher reps, go for gold kind of workouts which are the type of sessions I enjoy the most. He is also the master when it comes to utilising the tyres, I however am still yet to master how the hell to run through them without falling on my face ..

Anyway, this mornings session was titled “Body Shockin Burpees” which was apt since it was burpee heavy.

We were broken up into four groups and the idea was that you started at the top of your set, worked your way down the list with no rest in between each exercise then went onto the next set, so all the groups started inside on the pushups, followed by burpees then chins.

The chins “got me” – not that I can do 20 in a row but I can usually bust out 10, then do the next lot of ten it two lots of five.  But weve been doing a shite load of chins lately (including weighted ones) so I’m sore so I think I got out 8, 6, 3, then another 3 (with quite a bit of swearing involved).

When I was just over half way through the chin set I looked around and Anna and I were the only two still doing chins … *sigh*

Anyway I got through that set, gave a shout out to the lord above and moved on, “flew” through the rest of the workout, started on set two and then got to the chins ..

I did six, then I think I was doing lots of two and the last five I did in singles … when I got to 16 I was hanging from the bar close to tears.

The little voices inside my head were having a discussion …

“Argh thats close enough”

“Go use the band”


The voice that won said “FFS Julia just suck it up and get on with it”

So I did .. but let me tell you those tears were busting to get out.  *sigh* I can just imagine JT thinking “Shit does does that girl do anything except cry?”

In case you are wondering I got through two full sets (1 & 2) and the diamond pushups and burpees in set 3 .. God was obviously feeling sorry for me and got JT to call time 😉

Anyway lets get on with today’s video for teh 100 day, 100 burpee challenge.  It’s day 8 so its 8 burpees, today’s burpee is the box burpee – you will have to imagine its a higher plyo box the one I had built is James sized I’m still waiting for the Julia sized one 😉

Till next time

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