Running “inside out”

Yesterday I told you how with 1k left of Saturdays 9k run that my knee packed “a sad” although sad probably isn’t the correct analogy, sad (to me) looks like this ..

And perhaps at around the 7km mark it did look like that, but after another kilometer it definitely felt like more like this ..

So last night it was with some trepidation that I laced up my shoes and threw on Elias’ hydration pack.

James thought the knee issue may have been exasperated by the weight I had been carrying on my back, so I figured that even though I didn’t “need” water, this would be a good opportunity to trial a lighter pack carrying only the bare basics (water, phone and car key).  I did however take poles as a precautionary measure.

The pools of water along the track informed me that it had been raining for a decent period of time up in the Waitakeres and the boardwalks and bridges were quite slippery which slowed me down somewhat, but perhaps that was a good thing because the knee was fine – I had a few niggles on the knee that hadn’t grumped on Saturday (they seem to take turns), but I’m guessing I had been favoring that side.

Suffice to say when I finished I felt like this …

I’m supposed to road run tomorrow morning but honestly, I’m not keen on subjecting my knee to the repetitive “thump thump” (that’s the sound of me running along concrete) …

I’ll ponder that later .. for now, let’s just revel in the fact that I ran and I didn’t cry.

Till next time





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