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I had a productive weekend managing to cross another thing of the 11 things to do in 2011 list so now I only have three things left to do.   One of the things will have to be done in December because I don’t fancy sea kayaking in winter (or spring for that matter) 😉

Next on the agenda is catching a fish.  Apparently this could be harder than it sounds, however in a previous life I worked for a commercial fishing company and one of the skippers has started taking out people on fishing trips.  So I figure ..


  1. He should know where fish live.
  2. He should be able to sail a boat without sinking it.

I only had a couple of questions for him when we were discussing my “I’ve never caught a fish before trip” these were;

  • Will you bait my hook for me?
  • Will you take any fish I catch off the hook for me?

He did laugh at me, but assured me that he would in fact bait the hook and deal with the icky fish when I caught it.  So I got a group of girls together and we have booked a trip for September.  I just hope I can keep the vision of how upset Marvin was when Nemo got taken from the sea out of my head!

If you would like to snatch Nemo from the sea away from his family and eat him .. then contact Hamish at Fin-addict Fishing and set it up.

Till next time

(When I shall tell you how my first session back with Miss Jo goes this afternoon)


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