The straw and the camel

Yes my blog titles get more and more cryptic 😉

The current Fitness Blogworld topic is ….


I’ve been every weight, shape and size and was relatively happy in my skin .. although I was big I managed to play representative squash and I was pretty damn good.  Which was lucky, because I didn’t run, I hated running even more then than I do now. 😉

My team won the Auckland Regionals and we went to Alexandria to play all the other regions to find the “best of the best”.  My team got to the finals and this is when I found “that straw” …

I lost!  Me lost! *shock!* (And yes I genuinely was shocked .. I honestly wasn’t used to losing).

I asked my then husband why I lost and what I needed to do to ensure it didn’t happen again.  He turned to me and said

“You lost because she was fitter than you – not because she was better – you need to lose 10 kgs and get fitter”

So I did …

Well I actually lost a total of 38 kilos – but you get the idea 🙂

Did it help with my squash?

Well I’m sure it would have, but once I started going to the gym and working out I was hooked on lifting heavy stuff and sport went from hitting a little black ball against a wall to standing under bright lights in a teeny tiny bikini.

And now I’ve got the kidlets to run around after (or carry when I cant stand their pleading anymore) 😉 so although I *think* I may have hung up my bikini (I am still tooing and frooing on that decision) I’ve found a way of life that works for me and my family so there is no turning back!

Till next time

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2 Responses

  1. Kate says:

    My straw was City Chic – ’nuff said LOL

  2. Victoria says:

    Loving your post and congrats on your journey to health

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