We are not gingerbread men

Yes it is a strange blog title 😉

I’ve been pondering this post for awhile now after discussions I have had with my friends.

You see my friends (and people in general) have widely different outlooks on health, dieting and the best form of exercise/s  AND this is why I thought I would write this blog entry.

People you are NOT I repeat NOT a gingerbread man!

We humans are not all made up of the same dough and cut out with the same cookie cutter.  Therefore it would make sense that we do not all have to follow the same diet and exercise regime to “lose weight/tone up/get fit/etc etc”.

What works for one person may not necessarily provide the same results for the person standing right next to them.  So please don’t feel that you HAVE to follow a specific program because someone told you they lost 30 kgs doing it and its the only way that you will lose weight too .. because its not.

Just lately I have come across people who have lost weight using a particular method of diet (or exercise regime) and they obviously want to share their new found knowledge with the rest of the world – which is great BUT what I have seen lately is disturbing.

People who put down other people because they do not follow the same diet plans (or exercise regime) need to get off their high horses and build a bridge!

There are many different types of people .. and many different types of eating plans just because the one plan worked for you, does not mean that it is the be all and end all.   Heck if it was don’t you think everyone on the entire planet would use that plan and look like a fitness model?

Yes I think sharing knowledge is a great thing and please continue to do so but just remember we are all different .. for example you will NEVER find me at boot camp but I have friends who love it (like my crazy friend Annie) 😉

Please remember to support and encourage.  Share ideas and give advice when asked but let the person weigh up the pros and cons and decide for themselves.  Yes its frustrating when you give advice and the person completely ignores you and decides the the “eat only lemon diet” will work better, but don’t sweat it .. life is too short .. live, love and enjoy!

Till next time

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