Nothing is possible without it

I witnessed something amazing this morning ..

My friend Clare stuck her head down took a deep breath (probably whispered a prayer or at least gave herself a pep talk) and then jumped up onto one of the bigger boxes in the Arena.

I was so excited I jumped up and down, whooped, clapped and cheered for her.

So what was the difference between today and all the other times she walked past the big box and headed towards one of the smaller ones?

The mind is the MOST powerful muscle that you possess and if anything is currently holding you back I would hazard a guess it’s because you don’t give yourself enough credit. You don’t believe in you!

I’ll use driving as an example ..

Most of us can drive and we probably never even gave it a second thought that we wouldn’t be able to do it, because well everyone drives, so surely it can’t be *that* hard.

However driving is complex! But because we really had no doubt that we could do it, we just got out there and gave it a go. (Hopefully with a patient instructor sitting next to you) 😉

The biggest lesson I have learned from starting on this “lose weight, get back on stage in a bikini”  mission is that I am stronger than I ever gave myself credit for ..

And that there is more to life than standing on stage in a sparkly bikini 😉

I’ve developed an “it can’t be *that* hard attitude” and I’ve set myself some HUGE goals along the way and one by one I’ve crossed them off the list.

What I am trying to say in my round a bout non writer who doesn’t do drafts kind of way is …

And when no one else believes you can do it .. show them just how wrong they are!

Till next time

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  1. Amy says:

    Love it Julia!!! Ive been struggling with stage jumps and have been using a step because my **mind** thinks I cant do it…….well dammit it can’t be THAT hard can it!?!? Ill jump up on that stage weather it likes it or not hahaha 🙂 Thanks I love reading your posts 🙂

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