It’s just

1. only or merely:
2. actually; really; positively:

When I starting running, I used the word just in quite a positive manner.

I’d often post on my social media accounts (yep I’m one of THOSE runners), “I just ran 8.48 km, my farthest run ever” or “I just ran an entire 2k’s without stopping.”

By all accounts, I was pretty chuffed with my accomplishments and I reckon quite rightly so. Therefore I’m not sure why, the more I ran the more I used the word just in a more belittling manner.

A prime example of this is when someone asks me “how far did you run this morning?” and I reply “Just 8k today”


It’s 8 freaking kilometres!

I do find it quite amusing how screwed up your perception of distance becomes when you’ve been distance training for a period of time. Those previous “8k marathons” are now my normal Monday & Wednesday morning runs.

Sure, I’m not necessarily a better runner now as I still can’t consistently run that distance without walking parts of it, in fact I struggle to run any distance over a kilometre without walking sections of it and I’m pretty sure I must be the only person who has gotten slower after nearly 12 weeks of half marathon training!

I have thought about concentrating on 5k events (and speed) after this half marathon palava is over with, but I, like James have found that I’d probably prefer to run 10k’s, it’s distance running without having to be out for hours on end ..

But I’ll see what happens once I’ve finished Coatesville – who knows I might decide I thoroughly enjoy spending ALL day running! 😉

Till next time





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