If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you’ll know at one stage on my loooong life of fitnessy type stuff, I practically lived at Les Mills in the Auckland City.


I did some crossfit / had a hot trainer and tried to look better naked?

Well one thing I didn’t do much of is group fitness (other than the yoga classes, I did try and make time for those, because mobility just makes life easier).

Fast forward what seems like a century and then throw in a global pandemic and what do you know? Julz starts doing Les Mills group fitness classes in her garage using the Les Mills On Demand app. It’s amazing what you’ll do to amuse yourself when you can’t leave your property because – plague .. 😉

But – I digress – as I often do ..

A couple of weeks back a friend of mine put out an SOS – she wanted to do the Les Mills Global Filming class* but she didn’t want to go alone, thankfully she wanted to do Combat, if she’d asked me to do any other class (other than maybe step) she’d have been shite of out luck.

So last night we met up, grabbed our goodie bag (which may have been another reason I relented) and made our way to the rooftop of Les Mills to take part in the Combat class with 648 other people and you know what?

It was fun!

It’s amazing how many people travelled to take part in the filming class – one woman we met had travelled from Melbourne and stated it was a bucket list thing for her. In fact you heard that quite a lot – which I found a little crazy as I’d spent years seeing/talking to these instructors on the daily and they were just people to me. In fact, when I went to Les Mills, I’d avoid the filming classes with my entire being, although to be fair, Group Fitness was never my “thing”.

I would however have got my fan girl on if I’d stumbled across Marlon Woods .. 😉

So, would I do it again?

Sure – if a lonely friend needed a plus one, after all, I got some great shots for the gram. 😉

I would however, recommend the experience for anyone who does actually enjoy Group Fitness Classes as the vibe was pretty phenomenal! Although it was a tad disconcerting when the entire roof top shook when 650 people landed from their tuck jumps AND when a bevy of Fire Engines pulled up because the smoke machines were too realistic and someone reported a fire.

My advice would be to wear layers – it gets cold waiting for them to set up and practice your “poses” in the mirror beforehand – you know, the ones you’ll take for your socials to prove you were there. 😉

Till next time

Filming class* – New classes (they are called releases) are filmed and then sent to Les Mills accredited gyms (for instructors to learn) and are also used on the On Demand platform.

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