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I mentioned on Friday that my back was not happy after I decided to lift the boy weights at Ludus.  Well by the time it was 2pm it was screaming at me and I was close to tears.  I gave in and left work early and went a saw the doctor.  Thankfully some strong painkillers and enforced rest did its magic and I’m feeling much better.

I “actively rested” so in other words I was allowed to do cardio as long as it wasn’t too strenuous but otherwise I had to leave it alone to heal so doing nothing was the plan of attack this weekend.  I have to admit it was a nice change not to be running around trying to fit everything in.  I hung out with the kids and even had actual conversations with my husband!

I mentioned in passing to James that Elias seemed to be very clingy to me this weekend and his reply really hit home.  He said “Thats because they miss you.  You don’t realise how much they miss you when you are preparing for a competition because you are either out training, getting ready for training or too tired to talk to them”  It stung a little because I know its true (well at least  the part about me being either out or knackered).

I spoke to a friend who is also a competitor with kids not too much older than mine.  She knew exactly how I felt and agreed that we don’t realise how much time, effort and energy it takes and that we just have to find a balance.  She seems to have found that balance .. I’ve realised now that I’m obviously still looking for mine.

So who knows.  Right now I could walk away from the competition scene quite easily and just concentrate on getting a hot bod for summer (because it will be beach weather before I know it) but tomorrow my mind set could be completely different!

I’ll just wait and see what tomorrow brings I guess ..

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  1. LIsa says:

    I completely understand! I feel like I haven’t found that balance either and I feel really guilty when prep time comes around. I feel like I don’t get the quality time with the kiddos that I’d like because most of my energy is focused on work outs, eating, or preppping. Or just talking about prep for hours upon hours. I know you’ll find that balance, you’re good like that!!

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