Fitness Blog World asked the following question this month

How has fitness changed your closest relationships?  For good, bad, or both?”

As we all know we have friends that come and go, we have friends that stick around and we have friends that pass by the way along our journey, thats just how life works I guess.

I’ve read about people who have lost friends because of the decision they made to chose a healthier lifestyle and while I “get it” it still makes me sad, although I personally think I’ve lost more friends since I’ve become a parent than I did when I decided to shed a tonne of weight and stand on stage in a sparkly bikini and hooker heels but that’s because I move in different circles now .. I’ve gone from drinking in bars and dancing the night away to early mornings thrashings at Ludus followed by afternoons with a big green and yellow Dinosaur in a tutu!

I will say that I have gained loads more friends than I have lost.

“Gym Friends”  these are people I’ve met at the gym, at competitions through Miss Jo and of course my familia at Ludus.   These people “get me” they understand when I can’t do certain social things because of where I am in my competition prep.  They never “force” me to eat something because “one little bit won’t hurt” and they do not feel the need to tell me I would look better with a couple more kilos on my frame or discuss how unhealthy my sport is.

(although they do tell me when I’m getting a little porky)

“My Mummy Friends” these are people I’ve met since having the kids.   While they don’t always get my sport they always support my decisions and cheer me on at every stage.  I’m pleased to say that some of them have even joined me on the dark side and get up at stupid o’clock in the morning to exercise!  *so proud* although I don’t get how anyone would enjoy running, I think my friend Annie has a mental disability. 😉

“Been there forever friend” that would be my Nessy.  We started training together 10 years ago and it was her that decided that WE should do a competition – so I guess you have her to thank for this blog.  Although we’ve drifted apart and gone on to do other sports (she did the coast to coast .. how cool is that) we’ve always known that the other one is there if we need them.  My aim is to get her back up on that stage .. she has the most AMAZING legs you will ever see. 🙂

So I guess in my case I don’t feel like fitness has changed my relationships to the degree that time and circumstance has although I did manage to score a hot hot hot husband he spotted me in a bikini and the rest they say is history!

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  1. Kristy Wilce says:

    Like the fat stick figure! I too lost a lot of friends, but those are friends that couldn’t handle what I was doing. I have gained so many more though!

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