Food, Warmth & Transport

James and I were laughing this morning about how an interaction my friend had outlined as part of her 100 days of happiness challenge, was something that I would have taken in a COMPLETELY different way.

In short she has been injured and unable to run for quite sometime, however recently she was given the all clear by her doctor to start training again (slowly) BUT (and I love how she put this, so I’m going to quote verbatim)

The physics law, “an object at rest tends to stay at rest,” is showing it’s self true.

Her husband had encouraged her to get up early and “just do it” and she did, so she was happy and thankful .. (she’s so sweet).

I on the other hand would have concluded that my husband thinks I’m fat and need to exercise, which would have made me sad. James then countered that if that had been him, he’d be pissed off that I’d tried to wake him up early, being woken up is at the very top of his 100 things I hate most in the world list although Auckland drivers are apparently his close second.

I’ll admit I’m not fond of Auckland drivers that much either – especially the ones I come across each time I head out to the trails. It’s like once they get off the main roads and into the “country” those little white lines dividing the road mean nothing because they’re as skilled a rally driver as Possum Bourne was .. #sigh

That being said, Auckland drivers are way down my list of shit I hate. At the very top of my list is being cold. I can without a shadow of a doubt, categorically state I would much rather be hungry than cold – although even my kids (whom I love more than anything else in this entire world) know not to come near me if I’m both. In fact I vividly remember one time when Issy asked me something and I snapped at her. She looked at me pityingly and said “Mum, do you need me to get you something to eat or a blanket?” lolololol

James even bought me a blanket for my birthday, I mean it’s not diamonds or perhaps more importantly (for me) shoes BUT it is purple, fluffy and gigantic enough that I can roll up into a cocoon so that no cold air can get in! Perhaps that’s his way of hinting that for his birthday he’d like an entire weekend alone in a hotel to sleep ..

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