A trip to Mokoroa Falls


My name is Isabelle and I am eight years old.  Today I am writing my very first blog post, it is  about the trip I went on to the Mokoroa Falls with my Mum.

Earlier I had watched my new DVD, Freaky Fusion three times and I had also written part of a story, but I got bored, so I went downstairs to find my Mum.  When I walked into the downstairs lounge she looked up from her computer and asked “How can I help you?”  I told her that I was bored and I told her that the only thing I could think to do was art, but the only art project we had left to do this holidays was to make wire hearts, but we needed my Dad to cut the wire for us and he was at work.

Then my Mum said “Do you want to go for a walk?” and I said “OK” so we both went to get changed and put on our hiking shoes.  My little brother Elias didn’t want to come with us so it was just my Mum and I and I thought that was good because I think Elias is annoying.

Mum was driving me to two new tracks that I’ve never been on. We were going through the country and the nature there was beautiful.  Soon mum parked the small red car and we quickly climbed out.  She parked on Horsman Rd at the entrance of the Goldies Bush Scenic Reserve.

Mum reminded me to put on my Camelbak and then she passed me her gray beanie and I put it on because it was cold and windy.  We went through the wooden gate and onto the dirt track  where Mum and I cleaned our shoes at the cleaning station by scraping the dirt off the bottom of our shoes and then spraying them with disinfectant.

I imagined that the forest was a mall and that we were walking to our shop.  Groups of trees were shops and the leaves were all customers.  I shared my story with Mum and told her that our store is special.  It’s not made out of trees, our shop was the Mokoroa Falls. We were on the Falls Lookout Track and were nearly at the lookout.  Mum took a few pictures of me and a few pictures of us together.  We could see Mokoroa Falls.  It looked like two waterfalls even though it was one.

Soon Mum and I left the lookout and turned back the way we came.  Then we stopped at a set of big muddy stairs.  Plenty of the stairs were just liquid mud so I tried to walk around those wet ones.  Soon we got to the bottom of the stairs and stood on the rocks that lay just in front of the stairs.  First we turned right and headed towards Mokoroa Falls but to get all the way to the bottom of the Falls we would have had to cross the stream and Mum didn’t want me to go through it because it was a little bit rough.

Then we went back towards the stairs but continued straight ahead onto the muddy track that followed alongside the stream.  Mum said we could go until we would have to cross the stream.  We ended up stopping at a big rock next to the stream and I looked around at the nature so that I could come home and draw what I had seen.

It then started to rain, so I put on my new raincoat and we headed back to the car.   Mum was laughing at me as I jumped across all of the muddy patches, she said I looked like a baby deer.   Going back up all of the muddy stairs was very tiring!  I don’t know why they had to be so steep!  Luckily I had my Camelbak with me I could even fit my raincoat into the pocket when it stopped raining because I got very hot walking back.

My legs hurt but I had fun.

Bye for now

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