No equipment needed

If I had 10c for every person who has said “I can’t afford a gym membership, that’s why I can’t lose weight” I would be better off than the person who won lotto last week. I wouldnt recommend preparing for a physique or figure competition without a gym membership (or some weights at home), but if you just want to slim down and harden up you don’t require anything but some shoes and the ability to push yourself.

This morning Lavinia and I headed to our local athletic stadium and did our own little bootie camp, pretty much if it was something that sounded like it was horrendous, we did it 😉 We ran laps .. we lunged the entire track, we ran the stairs, did plyometric jumps up the bleachers, anything that got our butts moving and would help get them smaller and less jiggly, which after all is every woman’s dream.

Me doing tricep dips and Lavinia doing lunges

And you know what? .. It was fun! I will never out run Lavinia but I sneakily gave it a go every time we ran up the stairs (which we did at least 20 times) .. I even beat her once, although its hardly a race if the other person isnt aware it is lol.

Obviously its easier and more fun if you can find a friend to keep you company .. but Ive done sessions alone with just my ipod for company, when Im alone I just list down before hand what I plan to do .. and I do it, that way I dont just cruise.

So head outdoors and shrink that bootie for summer!

Till next time

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  1. Donloree says:

    AWESOME! I love going outside and kicking your own butt – even better with a fast friend! You are so right that a gym membership isn’t everything. Even if you have a membership you still have to go and work hard. It’s the going and working hard that people can’t wrap their minds around! Way to set the standard lady!

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