I’ve been thinking a lot lately about cheating, mostly because quite a few people around me seem to be having an adulterous relationship with food that is either deep fried, full of sugar or available from a drive through.

A new meaning to falling off the wagon!

Falling off the “diet wagon” is easily done, you just need to ensure you have the tools to get back on the wagon, before your too fat to pull yourself back up!

Firstly why do so many people fail?

They had no reason to succeed.  –  They didn’t set a goal.  They didn’t write it down and stay focused on it!


Write down your goals and affirm everyday!

Their priorities were askew – They may have set themselves a goal, but when the weekend rolled around, they decided they wanted fish and chips with a beer chaser for dinner more than they wanted a flat tummy and a bikini ready bod.


Eating at the beach .. or strutting your stuff?

They had no patience – They expected to lose 10 kgs in one week, or 1 kilo a week for 12 weeks, so when this didn’t happen or they hit a plateau, they gave up.

Dont expect miracles

It was all or nothing – Their training was too extreme or their food was too limited or heaven forbid both.  They forgot the tale of the hare and the tortoise, slow and steady always wins!

They followed the herd – Just because one type of food plan works for one person, it doesn’t mean its going to work for you.   Its just the same with training, just because some celebrity does yoga and looks like a playboy model does not mean we should all ditch our weights and head to the yoga studio.


You are an individual

They did not hold themselves accountable – They didn’t track their progress with a journal, weight charts or set up a system where they are accountable to someone else (eg weekly measures with a trainer).

Be accountable (and buy a fitness file) lol

Now that I have outlined some of the multitude of reasons people fall off the wagon hopefully you have some ideas to help keep you firmly on top of it, or at least hanging on to it by the tips of your fingers 😉

Till next time

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