Guilty Pleasures

After yesterdays blog about my adulterous friends, it got me thinking about all things “wicked” in the food department.

So you all know about my *slight* obsession with Anzac biscuits, but I have other food items that send my heart fluttering.

So what are these things?

Peanut M&M’s – Apparently they turn off the “send tummy is full” message to the brain .. post contest I easily devoured an entire family sized bag and could have had more.

Chocolate Peanuts – These seem to have the same ability to suppress the I am full message from reaching the brain, only the bump the size of a 30 week old fetus informs me of this point.

Whittakers Peanut Slabs or any Whittakers chocolate that contain nuts; any type of nut, I’m not that fussy 😉

Yes as you can see I seem to have a penchant for nuts covered in some form of chocolate or candy.

Anyone would think I have a sweet tooth .. but I honestly don’t!  If I had a choice I would pick something savoury over sweet anyday, but I suppose the “full factor” is more obvious when you eat something fat filled as opposed to a sugar laden item.

After a year of “dieting” (post baby dieting, followed by competition dieting, followed by I ate too much junk post comp dieting), Ive learnt a few home truths.

1)      Being on a diet is hard work.  Thinking of your new way of eating as a lifestyle choice rather than a restrictive regime makes things much easier.

2)      Lighten up!  Social events happen and the occasional dessert wont hurt in the scheme of things.  (Unless of course you are dieting down for a comp .. then every dessert hurts) 😉

3)      Just don’t buy it!  The aforementioned foods are on my do not buy list, that way I wont be tempted to eat an entire bag of m&m’s.

4)      Remember – I try to remember how sick eating crap makes me feel … the headaches, the bloating, the way I feel mentally .. it all helps remind me why I should just shut my mouth.

Argh .. all this talk of my guilty pleasues has made me hungry … off to fill the water bottle.  Speaking of which is this water bottle not the cutest thing you ever saw!

Till next time

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