Operation Six Pack

This morning at “lilfatty” bootie camp, Lavinia and I embarked on operation six pack.  Well actually if I tell the truth, I embarked on operation six pack and just forced Lavinia to come along 😉

Now before you all start emailing me explaining how abs are made in the kitchen and NOT the gym, I already know this fact .. what I’m trying to get is those big blocky pop you in the eye if you get too close abdominals .. and for this you need to train and train hard!

"Warming up before operation six pack commences"

So after running, lunging, sprinting and jumping around our local stadium, Lavinia and I started our mission.

First grab one medicine ball.

Arming up .. Lavinia looking serious, and me being a poser 😉

Then hit the deck and lift, lower, spin and make funny faces with the pain of it all!


Operation Six Pack gets underway

Tis a simple plan really .. lets just see if it works 😉

Till next time


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