High Five for the hubby

Yesterday was go go go.

After work I trained with Miss Jo (shoulders and triceps – on a side note its becoming harder and harder to find a body part that isn’t sore to train.   I just seem to select the body part that hurts the least and try my best).

After training I went to see a friend and we got chatting (as you do) so I didn’t get home until the kids bedtime. So while James read the bedtime story I threw down some food and packed my gym bag for the next morning.

When James had finished the story I went and tucked Issy into bed and talked about her day.  After Issy it was time to lay next to Elias until he went to sleep (which can take some time .. last night it was five renditions of twinkle twinkle little star before he succumbed to the sleep monster).

So by the time that Mum work was done I was shattered.  I sat down .. watched the end of “The Block” (which incidentally is my “do not miss” show at the moment) and then headed up to the bed, when James looked at me and said;

I just looked at him with a confused look and then he reminded me about a certain challenge that I had set myself only a few short hours before ..

Can you believe I nearly failed on day one! How embarrassing would that have been. Thankfully James saved me from myself. I pulled on some shoes and slowly (and painfully) completed 21 burpees because I had to do the first six days worth. I learned quickly that burpees are quite hard after you have done a shoulder workout.

So .. thank you James! I knew I married you for more than your dashing good looks and extremely hot bod .. although they were mitigating factors 😉

Speaking of extremely good looking hot bodied men it is “that time” of the week.

Here is the 6 foot 1 inch, 30 something year old American actor I alluded to earlier in the week ..

Yes the delectable Paul Walker

I think that the above pic is my favorite – looking hot just hanging out at the beach!

And he surfs .. surfers are hot ..

Thankfully I already have a hot six foot, thirty something year old surfer in my life or I would totally be a star struck stalker of Mr Walkers!

Till next time

I would like to give a big thumbs up to Bee for joining me in the 100 Day Burpee Challenge!

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