100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 11 it’s a quickie

Today was a JP “Super Sunday” session at Ludus ..

I walked in and after we chatted about yesterdays session and I said that it took me 2:25 he assured me that todays WOD would probably be more like a 90 minute effort

(which in Julia speed is about 2:00 hours) 😉

“Fortunately” James and I had to get to somewhere at lunchtime so it wasn’t going to be an all day session for me (thankfully) because I was still tired from yesterdays mammoth effort!

Anyway without further adieu here is todays Super Sunday session ..


Three words .. Triple Down Burpees .. WTF?!?!  That’s 120 pushups in the first set alone!  *ouch*

Anyway I got to the end of the 25’s before I called “time”, I probably could have gotten through the 20’s in the time I had left before we had to leave but honestly I know when enoughs enough .. and I had hit that point.

On the plus side I did the sumo upright rows with 32 kilos … same weight as the big boys 😉

Anyway its day 11 of my 100 days 100 burpee challenge so today it’s 11 burpees .. I have an audience, they were counting .. they can’t count very well 😉

Till next time

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