100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 34 and it’s hard to find good help ;)

I’m pretty sure you can tell that this blog is a low no budget affair ..

So if I’m doing the 100 days 100 burpee challenge in the morning before the 6am session at Ludus I find a “willing volunteer” to film it.

This morning Mandy “volunteered” mostly because she didn’t want to do 34 burpees with Anna and I after listening to our discussion on what burpee madness we were going to do today for your viewing pleasure.

Although to be fair, Anna and I are far from speed demon burpee machines so holding up the camera for that long (even if it is a “light” iphone) can be a task in itself! I know this because EVERYONE who has filmed us so far has said

“Shit I’m glad you’ve finished I was getting a sore arm”

So Anna and I get our props (Anna has a “thing” for props and she mentioned to me this morning she would like to utilise the big balls as much as possible) *snigger* and we complete our 34 burpees with great form, dialogue, wardrobe explanations .. you know all the things a GREAT video clip has – even our high 10 was fantastic.

Then Mandy realises she’s taken two photos instead of ONE video ..

Notice our WTF faces in that last photo – classic!

What did we do? .. another 34 of course. After all Anna looked especially cute this morning and we couldn’t waste an outfit like that and we wouldn’t be very epic if we couldn’t manage another set of 34!

You will see Mandy featuring in an upcoming burpee challenge episode as punishment, we might save it up till Day 100 😉

Till next time

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