100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 9 & 10 and an official annoucement

I am officially the slowest person at Ludus …

Weekend classes at Ludus run like this;

08:30 am – Arrive, kiss, hug, catch up on what happened the previous night etc etc
09:00 am (ish) – Warm up
09:20 am (ish) – Start workout

Go until you HAVE to leave or until you complete the set whichever comes first.

The epic adventurers Anna, Sal and Iz usually stay till completion, I tend to leave at about 10:30 because I need to get home for the kids.

Today however I decided that I would stay until I completed the entire set (I did NOT pick a good day for that)! And believe me that photo up there ^ of me smiling at the top of ludus hill after my FINAL reverse gorilla crawl up it belies the pain I was in.

Here was todays session ..

The crawls (in purple) were up Ludus hill which is approx 50 metres in length, the renegades were a pushup with a kb or db in each hand and then you did a row on each side (I used a 15kg db) and one pushup plus two rows was 1 rep and this is an a bomb

One dip, one pushup = one rep .. and if you want to know what deeeez is, ask Joe 😉

Out of entire workout it was a tossup between the 80 romans followed directly by a lizard crawl up the hill and the chins for what was the hardest .. I still might opt for chins because 50 chins took me longer to do than 80 romans.

Half way through the renegades I felt broken and thought I would burst into tears any second (yes I seem to cry a lot) but I did it . and I kept going and James did the last few sets right by my side even though he had finished although I did make Anna go and tell him what a slack arse husband he was being. 😉

Workout completed 2:25 last place, beaten, broken, nearly bleeding and starving BUT proud!

And the worse part?  I didn’t do my burpees yesterday for my 100 day, 100 burpee challenge so today I had to do 19 .. normally 19 would be a sinch I mean I didn’t flinch when we had 100 to start todays workout .. but after the 2:25 WOD today I am knackered!

BUT a challenge wouldnt be a challenge if it was easy right? 😉

So here we go ..

Till next time

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