Carpe Diem (straight after I’ve had coffee)

Awhile back someone suggested I do a photo blog –

Basically the premise was that for every hour (I presume that you are awake) you snap a photo and include it in a “stuff I do in a day” blog post.

I’ve come back to the idea often but I usually remember a couple of hours AFTER I’ve risen so I keep putting it back on my to do list.  Today however, I woke up and thought “hey maybe I’ll try and do that photo and hour thing today” and as such here is my corresponding blog post.

Now I’m not sure if I was meant to write a wee story about the photograph or if I was supposed to leave it as a stand alone post, but since I much more of a writer (in the loosest sense of the term) than a photographer I’ve decided that I’ll include descriptions, otherwise you are just going to be looking at a bunch of selfies from someone who hasn’t mastered their angles, I wonder if their is a you tube tutorial for that?!?!

It’s 5am and after being woken three times in the middle of the night by a certain little boy I am completely knackered and I have this overwhelming feeling that today is going to be LONG.

On a positive note, thanks to my husband I have coffee – let’s go forth and conquer the world.

Great! Of all days to have a fitness test ..

Rod – “It’s 7am, finish the set you are on.
Me – “Noooooooooooo! I don’t want to do another 14 pull ups”
Me – *continues set*

I really should be in the shower – instead I’m handstand walking (like you do) …

Having breakfast at my desk.

Yay for work! 😉 Which isn’t as sarcastic as it sounds as thankfully I actually really like my job. 🙂

Did you know that whenever someone comes into my office and notices this water bottle they inevitably ask “Do you go to Ludus?” and when I confirm that I do indeed train at Ludus my “cool quotient” increases immeasurably!

Lunch time aka “Let’s catch up with what’s happened on Facebook today.”

For your viewing pleasure I also took off my hat just to make the photo look slightly different.

I couldn’t take yet another selfie (I have no idea how Kim K does it!) so instead here is a picture of a building complete with deck and garden that “miraculously” sprung up the other day on the Pier across from work.

Although it’s kind of hard to tell from the photo,  it’s actually moored on a berth in the water and those cranes you can see are digging additional moorings so the thing doesn’t drift away.

My paid working day is over and with a quick change of top and shoes I’m now heading out of the city to pick up the kids so that I can bring them all the way back into the city for Elias’ crossfit class – go figure!

Arrived at the kids school to be told “I don’t want to go to Crossfit Mum” *sigh* I give him 10 minutes to play before asking Elias if he’s sure he doesn’t want to go, he replies in the affirmative so we all go home.

Instead of Issy and I doing our hooping while we wait for Elias, we are now snuggled up doing her reading (with a few selfies thrown in for good measure).

Both kids have finished their homework and are playing “nicely” so it’s the perfect time to catch up on some mysky. I decide to watch this weeks episode of Our Girl which is the story of a girl who joins the Army. Some of it’s a bit confronting but I’m not really in the mood for an episode of GOT or Law and Order and that’s all I have left on my hard drive.

Dinner Time! Yes I know some people are just finishing work, but to be fair, I’ll probably be in bed by the time they have dinner considering I’ve been up over 12 hours already.

Bliss! On a side note, James doesn’t like baths – what kind of crazy shite is that …

It’s Elias’ story time before bed, I love that now my kids can both read that I can just snuggle up and listen.

She is less than impressed when I try and get her to go to sleep 2 minutes early …

Sleep please come free me! Thankfully I’m relatively confident I’ll be asleep by 9pm so “that’s all folks”. 🙂

Till next time





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