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Each morning after I’ve completed my training “proper” I have about 30-45 minutes (60 if I don’t dry my hair) free time until I absolutely HAVE to get into the shower to enable me to travel across town to get to work on time.

This is the when I usually take my #handstandaday Instagram photo which is why I usually look drenched and covered in chalk, dirt or both. 😉 Once that’s out of the way I use the rest of the time to “play”. I’ll hula hoop, handstand walk, arm balance on top of kb’s/tyres/deadballs or anything else that crosses my path and attempt cool new tricks using the TRX.

Occasionally I’ll actually do something “useful” like practicing my Olympic Lifts or attempting movements that are regularly included in our daily WOD’s in a slightly more advanced manner so that I can get to the point where I’m comfortable doing the next level up routinely.

For example, for the past couple of weeks I’ve actually been box jumping (as opposed to box step ups), for me that’s a pretty big step (or more accurately jump) and I’ve even gotten to the point where I’m comfortable jumping onto a regular 51cm crossfit box. I’m not fast by any means BUT I’ve passed the point where I stand in front of the box talking myself into jumping.

Today I had this “brilliant” idea that I’d practice box jumping and attempt the next size up which is 61cm, it’s as simple as turning the box on it’s side. I was feeling pretty good, I even turned on my camera and jumped beside the box to ensure I could get my feet up high enough, which I could. So I moved in front of the box stepped forward and …


To be fair I’ve never routinely jumped at that height before, in fact I can only ever recall doing it during a skills session at CrossfitHPU where we were jumping for height and that day it took me about 15 minutes of non starts before I actually jumped (successfully I might add).  That day I jumped in Oly’s so surely you’d think that I could “woman up” and get it done today ..

Nope! My legs didn’t give up .. my head did!

So I’m putting it in writing, my goal is to jump onto the 61cm box before the end of the month, 18 days and counting ..

Till next time





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