It’s like riding a bike – right?

You know when you are driving along (probably on your way to get a coffee and a muffin) and you pass those people running along the side of the road who;

a) aren’t fleeing from the police and

b) don’t look like they are dying?

Once upon a time I was one of them but, that time has WELL past.

The photo on the left was taken in 2012 when I would have considered myself a runner, in that I could run (quite happily) without stopping.  I was never one of those people who loved to run but I also never had to force myself out the door to train and I did love the way that when I was running I could eat a tonne of shit and not get fat.

I guess although I miss being able to run, I don’t miss running per se.

In preparation for this blog post I scrolled through what seems like a million photos on my social media accounts trying to find when I last ran further than across the road because a car is coming. It turns out the reason I had to scroll through so many photos is because that last time I did a run of any significant distance was back in January 2014! 2014! I feel like I should be embarrassed about the fact that I haven’t run in nearly two years!

According to my blog post I ran (albiet slowly by all accounts) for 3 kilometres, walked 1 and then ran the last 1 kilometre to the finish line for Race 1 of the Albany Lakes Series although if my memory serves me correctly that was the only race I did that year of the 3 in the series, so I obviously put running into the “this shit is way too hard” basket.

I couldn’t handstand then though … so you know .. in my eyes I’m still winning 😉

I’ve been spending quite a lot of time on the treadmill since embarking on my Transformation Challenge but as I’m no longer a runner all my training has been speed interval work (although if you’ve seen me on the treadmill doing my “speed work” you wouldn’t actually know that is what I was doing) 😉 I’m certainly fitter after 10 weeks on the treadmill but I’m no closer to being a real runner than when I started.

Which is a pity really since Kerry has decided that our final Sober October Boot Camp session will be a Round the Bays “fun run” how running 8k’s after years of not running will be fun is beyond me BUT ..

If I don’t update you tomorrow on how today’s weigh in went, I’m probably still making my way around the bays of Auckland! Get in your car and find me – I’ll even shout you KiwiYo as a reward.

Till next time





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