The “end”

Yesterday afternoon I had my final weigh in for the Ludus Transformation Challenge.

In my last blog post I wrote that I wanted to finish the challenge with a body fat level of 19% (which would mean that 19% of my body would be made up of fat). Incidentally this isn’t the number I had in mind when I first started out. My initial unachievable audacious goal was to lose 1% of my fat every week for 10 weeks (which would have meant I’d need to lose over 43% of myself – so I probably should have thought that through a little better). 😉

Anyway yesterday I was hopeful but definitely not certain that I’d reach my *newly amended* goal especially considering that for the first half of the challenge I’d been super diligent with my food (eg strict) and I had only managed to lose 2% of my fat and for the last half of the challenge I’d loosened up my eating considerable adding back in all those “forbidden foods” (but in much smaller quantities than before) and I’d also decreased my training slightly yet I was still hoping to lose double the amount of fat.

I’ve been checking my measurements each week since the challenge started and I’ve continue to get smaller each week but I was still slightly worried when I stood on the scales and the number was higher than it was at the half way point (which incidentally was the last time I stood on the scales).

Thankfully I must have just been really dehydrated that day because all the measurements were down (considerably) and I surpassed my goal!  Finishing the challenge at 17%.

I’ve lost over a quarter of myself! I’ll take that as a win, even if I don’t officially win!

Speaking of winning, Joe told me that they would announce the winner of the transformation challenge in two weeks at the Ludus Christmas party – I guess that means I’ll be going …

Till next time


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