Extremes are easy

Little Ninja Kat, who first introduced me to the world of all things “Crossfit” uploaded a really insightful video about how to set up and maintain fitness for the long term using her “fitness triangle” concept.

In the video she starts out explaining how a fire requires three things to burn; heat, oxygen and fuel. If one of those items is missing then the fire burns out, it made perfect sense to me and it made the concept of the fitness triangle easily transferable.

Fuel would be food, heat would be exercise and although I guessed Oxygen would be getting outside and breathing it, Kat defined Oxygen as lifestyle “in general” a balance of these three things would ensure you had life long fitness.

I’ll be honest and say I struggle with having all three in balance. I guess it’s a lot like actual juggling, it’s relatively easy to juggle two items, add a third and my juggling skills can be a bit hit and miss, although post the Christmas/New Year period I’m still yet to add a second side on my triangle. I’ve totally nailed “Lifestyle” – food and exercise is still a never-ending work in progress.

I found Kat’s video presentation really helpful and she armed me with just enough knowledge to make a start of getting my triangle sorted, but not so much that I was overwhelmed. I really encourage you to take 4 minutes and 22 seconds out of your day and be inspired!

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