Only in the movies

Today is Thursday (well in my part of the world anyway) and Thursday means that it’s time to don the running shoes and hit the road at stupid o’clock in the morning.

However this morning I awoke to the sound of rain – not just spatters of rain – bowl you over, get drenched in seconds kind of rain.  Running in the rain is not something I like to do – sure in the movies the lead woman runs through rain and jumps into the arms of some stud muffin like Ryan Gosling and come to think of it I may run through rain if Ryan Gosling was waiting for me to jump into his arms .. but honestly running in the rain should be something kept for movies and books.  In the real world a wet bedraggled (and tired) woman is not the most becoming  sight to behold.

As I weighed up my options and imagined the two little people on each shoulder discussing the event I finally settled on driving to the gym and hopping on a treadmill.  For those of you wondering why I didn’t use my own treadmill it’s because my treadmill is located in the room directly below the kids bedrooms and James is grumpy enough in the mornings without me waking the entire house just so I can get my run on.

Thankfully when I got to the gym there was a treadmill waiting for me because I was going to be “THAT PERSON” who doesn’t get off for ages.  I told myself that since I go to the gym once in a blue moon I can add up all those ten minute limits and use them all at once 😉

One thing I must say is that an hour drags on a loooooooooooooooooong time on the treadmill and I found myself wishing I had gone out and run in the pouring rain!  Oh well – I’m sure I have ample more chances to run through puddles.  Weird thing is (well actually I live in Auckland so probably not that weird), its sunny now – like super sunny whats the bet it holds out till I have to leave and go train.

At least it’s swimming .. I’d be getting wet anyway, but I have my heart set on swimming here ..

The lanes are the furthest away in this photo – I snapped a pic to convince James to bring the kids on Friday for a swim and a picnic, although the weather looks like it’s not going to be something we will get to do. If the heavens open up I can either put on my wetsuit or head out West to the pool .. I guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

The only thing I am sure of, is that tonight I’m going to a Fashion Show!  How exciting is that .. I’ve never been to one before .. I wonder if it involves eating ice cream, all good things include ice cream. 😉

Till next time

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  1. Tracy H says:

    Good to hear your still up at stupid oclock (not!) The things we do!! (well ok not me…)

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