TGIF – although “Murphy” has raised his head and decided that tomorrow (which would be MY weekend) should be the day that Auckland receives a weather bomb.   It’s actually due to hit overnight *sigh*

Obviously a weather bomb arriving on my weekend would usually annoy me, but in fact this announcement annoys me more than usual because tomorrow Maureen (who has the huge task of teaching me how to turn corners on my bike) plans to meet me at Ambury so I can familiarize myself with the Real Womens duathlon course.  I’m hoping we can reschedule for late Sunday afternoon because I don’t fancy being out in gale force winds!

And yes I know that the day of my event there could be gale force winds that I will have to contend with but I’m hoping by then I will be competent in riding a bike .. heaven help me if I am not 😉

Speaking of events – the Ironman is on this weekend in Taupo and my Uncle Rikki is racing in it – how cool is that, I am related to an Ironman.

All of the competitors will really earn the title of ironman because the event is hard enough as it is, add a weather bomb and well .. I don’t want to think about just how hard the day is going to be for those competitors.  I just hope that they all keep safe.

Hopefully the weather dies down by Sunday because I’ve got the final event in the Albany Run Series to complete.  I’m hoping to do the 10k’s quicker than I did last time, although I doubt I will if it is wet underfoot I tend to run like a girl if the ground is slippery (no offence intended to all you girley runners out there) 😉

And speaking of running .. if you have followed my blog for any length of time you will know that I am NOT a runner.  Unless you count the 12 weeks back in 2002 when I was prepping for my first contest and ran pretty much every day I have never run for any length of time .. until now 😉

I am not built like your typical runner and I am still pretty heavy (which I am working on slowly) so to say I am pretty sore is like saying a bodybuilding competitor is hungry .. an understatement and the days that I bike and run it’s even more taxing on this old girls legs BUT these help ..

My 2xu compression socks, being pink is just an added bonus 😉

I wear them after doing a long run or an event, after the duathlon I even slept in them and the next day I was up and ready to go again. I probably would have worn them out on my bike session the day after my event, except they are pink and I just have to look at my bike and grease “magically” appears on my calves – I think I should get black ones to negate that problem.

I think the only con with these is the price – thankfully I had a couple of vouchers from some race packs so I got them down to an “affordable to me” level otherwise they would have go onto my birthday wish list. It is a big list by the way – should you wish to get a copy feel free to email me. 😉

Till next time
Keep safe!

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    Your quads are amazing!!!

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