Not everything that is good for you, feels good

If you have been following my blog for quite some time (actually a really long time, because it’s been a really long time), you will know that I used to run – quite a lot. I didn’t run because I liked to run, because I never fell in love with it like most runners do, I basically ran because I could ..

Fast forward a few injuries a few years and a few more injuries and I now struggle to run any distance further than 10m comfortably. I say 10m’s because I’m “good” with shuttle running and if pushed (eg a trainer makes me) I can jog up and down the hill outside the gym. But I can always find a myriad of extremely valid reasons not to do any distance running 😉

BUT my goal for 2015 is to be “fit and functional” so although I don’t necessarily want to be a runner and go back to entering running or multi-sport events, I’d like to be able to run if the need should arise. Therefore yesterday morning I bit the bullet, donned running shoes and as Nike proclaims “Just Did It” albeit very slowly.

James and I had walked this route on Monday morning but instead of starting and finishing at Silo Park we left from my work so this run turned out to be slightly shorter than I had originally anticipated, which was probably quite fortuitous as I’m not actually sure I could have gone another 200 m’s.

So I’m now one small step (3,380 times give or take a few) towards becoming a more functional “athlete” this year.  Muscle memory if I’ve ever wanted you to remember something quickly, this would be that time!

I’ll leave you with this thought;

“Some days will hurt more than others.  Just deal with it and keep running; because not everything that is good for you, will always feel good.”

Till next time





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