Worry Less, Run More

Today I completed my last long run before I begin tapering next week before my first half marathon next Sunday!

I’m pretty sure I’ve run 16k’s once before way back in 2012 when I was training to become half an iron man (long story, but it never eventuated, so I won’t bother) however I must have been too epic back then to acknowledge the achievement because I can’t find anything on the blog about it, but I can vaguely remember the run itself, so it definitely happened.

Tomorrow is my scheduled long run day, but as it’s the weekend I could (kidlets and husband willing) sleep in, if I just bit the bullet and ran the 16 kilometers before work today and considering I had to be up early anyway combined with the fact I didn’t have a scheduled P.T session it would be remiss of me not too ..

I considered running around Ponsonby/Grey Lynn/Pt Chev, because I figured the hills would mimic the Coatesville course, but I couldn’t find a single loop that would give me the required distance and I really didn’t want to have to run around in circles, so (as I was wasting time and needed to get out on the road to get back to work in time) I ran an out and back stretch along the waterfront, the turned around at the 8k mark.

I’ve come to “enjoy” out and back courses, it’s a bit like when you go away on holiday and return journey always seems shorter (even though we know it’s not).  Another advantage of an out and back course is that I’m usually walking/running the return segment I like being able to use the landmarks I’ve passed previously as interval markers, it stops me from walking for too long (especially when I realise how much further I still have to go!) lol

After looking back over the past 11 weeks worth of training I’ve worked out that it will take me (at least) 2 hours and 48 minutes to “run” 21 kilometers.  I’m pretty sure if I’d known that 11 weeks ago I may have had second thoughts about entering a half marathon – but it is what it is.

I’ll be happy if I cross the finish line in under three hours.  Obviously having never run that far in my entire life (and I’ve lived quite a long time),  I’m not sure how I’ll cope with the last 5 kilometers but with the final four being downhill I’m hoping it’ll be sweet as ..

Actually no!  It WILL be sweet as!  #igotthis

Till next time





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