Four Weeks

08 May 2010 - 61.4 kgs - 4 weeks till Auckland Champs

Four weeks to go ..

Well after a disastrous week last week when I lost an entire 200 grams, I put in an sos call to Miss Jo and with a change in my diet Ive managed to drop 1.6 kgs this week and go down into the next fat percentage *yay* (although I only just scraped in, but im in none the less) 😉

So the food is actually REALLY nice .. I get steak for breakfast (and I chose to have eye fillet .. yum!) and then the rest of the day is fish or chicken, I even get a rice cake at dinner time .. spoilt much? 🙂

Anyway .. Im still training alone, since Lavinia now has a job *boo for me, yay for her* and ive been spending some time at the Westgate branch of Club Physical as its a five minute drive from my house and the Te Atatu branch is a huge mess due to them doing renovations … its ok, I mean a gym is a gym but its not quite the same although having less people to chat to is probably very good for my training 😉

I finally received my bikini from Style on Stage in Australia *yay* but its small .. like really small … I rang Miss Jo (who would want to be her near competition time!) and she got me around to her place to see it on me, she thinks it should be ok on the day, but she also sent me home with a bag full of bikinis that I could chose from, so after being super depressed I was on cloud nine after seeing her.

So to wrap up the week …

Highs – losing 1.6 kgs (of course), receiving my bikini from Style on Stage, receiving a bag full of bikinis from Miss Jo, doing 400 m’s 10 seconds faster on our last bootcamp night on Sunday .. all that fitness stuff is paying off 🙂

Lows – I got sick .. nearly the entire week I was sick, so sick I took time off work, and that never happens!

Anyway .. I’m looking forward to a good week, onwards and downwards! xox

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  1. Jenny Nash says:

    any weight loss is great, im looking forward to seeing pics of the bikinis!.xx

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