Sent out an SOS this morning to Miss Jo as my weight hasn’t budged all week .. actually this morning it was up (WTF?), so made an “emergency” appointment for Saturday morning so we can check my fat levels and see if we can figure out whats happening.

Hopefully murphys law comes into effect and I drop a drastic load of weight in the next couple of days, but im not holding my breathe!

Anyhoo .. training is going well, morning cardio and afternoon weight sessions, still on my lonesome but I know enough people in the gym to say hello to should I need some company 😉

Ooo one thing of note, I did some plyometric training and I managed to work my way up to box jumping on top of the step with eight risers underneath it .. thats a big jump for my little legs lol.

We are moving this weekend (yay) so hopefully our internet will be up and running so I can update the blog and let you all know the outcome of the session with Jo on Saturday morning .. please all cross your fingers for me!

Till next time xox

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