Just scraped in ..

24 Apr 10 - 63.2 kgs - 6 weeks to go

Had measures with Miss Jo today and I just scraped into the next fat percentage .. and I mean juuuuuuuuust, but its down so all is well in the land of Julia 🙂

This weeks training has been good, tried mixing it up this week .. my morning cardio has alternated between sprint intervals on the treadmill and a boot camp routine, just to try and shock my body into letting go of the fat.    Ive been weight training alone this week, so Ive mixed that up too, throwing in drop sets, super sets, trying out new exercises and ive actually really enjoyed it, my body is pretty sore, so I guess Ive trained hard!  I also did a couple of extra cardio sessions by trying out the new fitness craze called Zumba and I have my bootie camp on a Sunday afternoon.  So obviously things are pretty busy, but a busy mind is a good one .. it doesnt give you time to think about food 😉

So since its that time of the week here are the highs and lows;

Highs ..

I’m a Nike size small .. me a small .. I dont think ive ever been a small .. so yay!  (I do however think Nike have changed their sizing!)

I ran 6 kilometres non stop … and i didnt hate it.

I actually saw my delts while training this week, I actually have muscle under that layer of fat 🙂

Lows …

I baked the most delicious looking muffins this week and I couldnt have any!

Ive hurt my hip flexor and my shoulder … and Grant the physio delights in making me cry 😉

I’m 2% off where I usually am six weeks out, so its a hard road ahead, but still do able.

Anyway, Ive got blueberry muffins in the oven, so I best go before they burn!  Till next time xox

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  1. Dal says:

    You are SO teeny tiny!

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