I am 44% grown up

It’s my birthday!

According to the Daily Mail UK’s quiz

“How to tell if you are a grown up

I am now officially 44% grown up 😉

I will admit to being one of those people who look at girls “out on the town” and think “Gosh aren’t you cold!  Put on a coat” and I actually had the words “You are not going out of the house dressed like that young lady” come out of my mouth the other day.

I honestly thought I had at least 10 years before I uttered those dreaded words to Miss Isabelle.  She hasn’t quite grasped the concept that once a dress doesn’t cover your underwear it is no longer a dress.  #bless

Anyway this post has come to fruition because I saw a friend lamenting on Facebook the other day that she was turning .. wait for it ..

Twenty Five!  Shock horror!?!?!?!

To be fair I remember reaching the quarter of a century and thinking, it’s all downhill from here and the year James turned 28 and he wanted to spend a week in bed with his head under the covers (alone in bed that is, not in bed having “fun”) because he was old, so old!

Just shows how much you don’t know in your 20’s 😉

Want to know what I’ve learned in the century and a bit I’ve survived past the dreaded twenties?  Life just gets better, so much better, better than you can even imagine!

Sure you may lose the ability to eat what you want and not get fat BUT you gain someone cute to join you while you burn off those pesky calories.

You go from thinking “Argh my Mum hates me why can’t I just do what I want!” to realising that she in fact loves you more than life itself and the only people she probably loves more than you are the little people that you created. (Grand kids trump everyone).

And if you live life like you mean it, you get better each and every year.  I for one would never give up my forties to go back to my twenties!

I consider myself to be like fine wine .. I get better with age (and I earn more money so I can buy more shooooooooooooooes)!!!

LOL I guess you can grow older but some of us never “grow up”. 😉

Till next time

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  1. Karen Perese says:

    This is a great go forward post Julia. Nice share. After looking at your last image on this post, have you ever considered writing a post article about what helped you triggered you to make that physical change? What was the turning point for you? I ask because both Bonny and me would be interested to hear plus I’m sure other people reading your blog. It’s amazing how a book a post and article can be a turning point for some people to completely tun their lives around. So yeah, would love to read your post or article on this point. Great work keep it up. I’m about to become a grandmother, it will be my daughters first. That for me is the turning point to change my life and habits. Amp up my business, create more income, become healthy and fit like Madonna haha, there should be more blog’s like yours. Well done to you.

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