The barbell club (part two)

I had these shoes custom made (yay) and then I hurt myself the day before they arrived in the post (story of my life).

I’ve been super good with rehab this time around.ย  I’ve rested (the back) but in doing so managed to retweek my shoulder (due to replacing one hardcore sport for another) ๐Ÿ˜‰

However my shoulder is always shite so I’m not going to say I reinjured it because the farker never actually gets better – but thats beside the point.ย  I’ve been “good” meaning that I’ve been careful, I haven’t lifted heavy shit and put it back down again and I’ve been doing my stretchey things as instructed.

I was going to try and hold off lifting things (other than the kidlets) for at least another week or two but The Barbell Club went and got itself a new coach and I really wanted to go and check him out (in a platonic coach way – not in an oogle some random guy way).

(This next part I stole (literally) from the CrossfitHPU facebook page)


Lifting and coaching since 2003, Andy has represented New Zealand many times. Competing at international events including Oceania Champs, Junior Commonwealth Games and Youth Olympic Festival.

During this time, a passion for coaching emerged, aided by graduating with a Bachelor of Sports Coaching from the University of Canterbury. While in Christchurch, Andy helped introduce weightlifting to several Christchurch schools. Giving opportunity to many young athletes who are now representing New Zealand at every level up to Junior World Championships.

Upon returning to Auckland in 2009, Andy coached Auckland Grammar School to victory at the Secondary School national Championships.

Now focused on individual and team coaching for weightlifting and CrossFit. Coaching athletes from all over Auckland, from novice to advanced including the 2012 Mount Crossfit championship winning team.

I happened to see him sitting in reception yesterday morning so I interrupted his morning read of the paper to ask him if the session was going to be ok for a broken down old “newbie” and he assured me it would.

So I figured even if I just did the movements with a broomstick I’d go along and get some technique pointers from a “pro” AND it meant I finally got to try out my new shoes! #bonus

Tuesday’s classes are all about the SNATCH *giggle* we did the drop snatch, the hang snatch, the power snatch and even a squat snatch.

Andy moved pretty quickly through the movements as he assumed most of us had done some work on a snatch previously (what do they say about assumptions) ๐Ÿ˜‰ One second we had a broom next second a bar and then a few seconds later plates onย  bar ..

Yeah too fast for me ..

I was good with broom, ok with bar (until the drop snatch) at that point I went and got a smaller bar until I was comfortable with dropping into the squat and I didn’t add any weight till nearly the end of class.

But then again I’m a real sook when it comes to squatting with anything above my head AND my back is still not 100% so I’m all good with my not even heavy enough to be called “girl weights” at this stage ..

I’ll get there, just at an achingly slow pace (which would match my running speed – so I guess that would make me a well rounded athlete).

Till next time

PS – The shoes!

Not only do they look good they are lovely to lift in (especially squat) and they make a REALLY cool “thunk” noise when you land <3

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