W stands for ..

Yes, it is Wednesday but the title of today’s blog does not in fact refer to either Wednesday or Wolf Whistling, it actually stands for worried.

I stood on the scale this  morning and was NOT impressed with the number that came up!  It is supposed to be going down, my weight has gone up!  Up I tell you! .. Julia is not a happy camper.

So I am in two minds.  I have Miss Jo this afternoon and I usually have my measures done.  But so close to comp there isn’t much I can do if I’m fatter apart from cry and get depressed.  I keep telling myself, “You can’t be fatter, you haven’t eaten anything different than you normally do”.   All I’ve done is cut out the high intensity cardio as instructed.   So do I want to know .. or not?   I’ll let you know tomorrow what I decided. 😉

On a brighter note ..

I am privileged to be a part of a group of women who are “fitness nuts”.  They are either planning to compete, have competed, competing again or dreaming of competing.  We come from all walks of life and live all across the planet, but we have quickly become a family with daily contact on either FB, Twitter, Email, Skype or Texts.

We call ourselves Bob (which stands for Bikini or Bust) and we were bought together by Donloree.  We have decided to open up our ranks, so if you are keen check out how to become a Bobette HERE.


Donloree (our house mum) and fellow Bobette Susan

Now for those of you who haven’t rushed off to Bikini or Bust headquarters to become Bobettes (or those of you who have come back after applying) here is the main event of the day!

Todays Mr Wolf Whistle was bought back to my mind last week when we went to the cinema.  James and I were a little early so we say in the foyer and watched the trailers one of which was Thor …


Mmmm ...

I didn’t recognise him at first until the coffee guy said,  “That new Thor dude, he used to be on Home and Away” (yes he said dude).

So upon closer look I realised it was Chris Helmsworth



Even now when I look at him I still think to myself, “what the hell were the writers of Home and Away thinking”? because honestly .. how could a hottie like him, fall for Rachael, he was way out of her league!

I shall leave you to ponder … 😉

Till next time


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2 Responses

  1. Jen says:

    Yes you want to know. You also need to know this is in your head and you will be amazing on the day. The very bestest you have ever been. Or better still, take a quick look at your cut up legs…..focus on the good stuff crazy lady!

  2. Donloree says:

    I think W should stand for wickedly wonderful!

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