Two More Weeks

22 May 2010 - 58.6 kgs - 2 weeks till Auckland Champs

Two more weeks .. 14 more sleeps!

It’s coming down to the nitty gritty part of the competition phase, I’m not going to lie and say that its plain sailing from here on in, because from experience I know all too well, that the final stretch is the hardest.

The body is tired and depleted and still training must go on .. and to top it off, training goes on with less fuel going into the tank.  No one said that bodybuilding was a healthy sport, its amazing what we do to ourselves in this last little part of getting prepared but its all going to be worth it, to achieve my goal and to stand on stage in front of my family and friends (Im hoping I dont burst into tears and look like a right girl!) lol

Anyway, training has gone as well as training can go with a tired body.  When I’m not in the gym I’m trying to keep busy so that I don’t notice the hunger pangs .. I also consume enough coffee to keep a small country supplied for a year in one day, but it has no calories and its something going in, so it keeps me happy 😉

The final two weeks does herald one of my favorite times though, its when I start buying all the nom noms I plan to eat post comp, I spent 20 minutes last night at the bulk bin of the supermarket patiently picking out all the yellow and red giant winegums, then I spent another 10 minutes walking at the speed of a 100 year old woman checking out all the chocolately goodness trying to decide what it was I would want .. in the end I decided on chocolate peanuts and a kit kat bar … ahhh simple pleasures, only 14 more sleeps and the chocolately goodness is all mine!

Till next time xox

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