In over my head?

When I tell people I plan on completing the Taupo Half Ironman the first thing most people say is “Oh I’d like to do that, but I can’t swim” Ummm well technically neither can I .. *yet*

Now don’t get me wrong. I learnt how to swim at school – you know way back in the day 😉 so I do know how to float and flail my arms around so that I go in a somewhat forward direction while gasping for air every few flails.

On the plus side, I’m not afraid of the water (seaweed on the other hand is a COMPLETELY different matter) and the twins seem to help even more with my buoyancy so I am somewhat “ahead of the game” when compared to other “non swimmers” but I’m far from being able to swim further than 25 meters before I feel like I have run a marathon.

Enter stage left – Swim Coach Haydn.

It’s his “job” to teach this old dog (I’m not going to use the female term for dog) ;) some new tricks.

Last night I had my very first coaching session. He checked out my flexibility – apparently shoulders are so so, ankles are amazing .. (who knew)?!? Then took me through a few tests, did some filming (I guess that is so I can be amazed at how suck I really was when I’m actually good – one day – in the far distant future) .. and showed me some drills that will enable my amazingly floppy ankles do their job properly and propel me through the water, like nemo – no an orca – hmmm jetski? I don’t know, something fast .. :)

I just keep reminding myself – everyone has to start somewhere and I am now one lesson closer to being the “real deal”

Till next time

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