You need a new hobby ..

Yesterday someone said to me (when I was lamenting about how boring rest day is) “you need a new hobby”

Well ……. now I do!

I’m guessing if you know the logo in the little box to the left you know where you can find me on rest day (or at least when the kidlets are otherwise occupied) …. if not,  don’t venture there, you will never get out!  😉

I honestly think pinterest is going to be my save me from myself.  I get bored really easily and after one day on the site I know the craft activity that the kidlets and I will be doing together (its amazing what you can make from egg cartons) and the craft activity that I want to tackle to keep me out of the kitchen.

I also spotted a certain “somebody” when I was searching out things to “repin” and he must be a pretty special somebody because it looked like everyone in the world repinned his photo to their boards (and that doesn’t sound as kinky as it came out) ..

Tim Tebow – and it truly must have been fate to find him, because I got home last night and wo and behold he’s on the news!

And the nice thing? He’s a the type of boy you could take home to meet Mum.

Right better get back to finding stuff to pin 😉

Till next time

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