The Ludus Transformation Challenge – Week 4 (photos)

My four week weigh in was on Friday and at that point I’d lost 4.5 kgs.

Most people would think that was good, after all it’s just over 1 kg a week and a very respectable (and consistent) weight loss and I’d agree BUT I lost the majority of that weight in the first two weeks and only lost 200 grams during the last two week period.

Now I’ve have enough knowledge to know that the majority of the big drop back in week one was water loss AND that weight loss on the scales does not necessarily correspond with how much fat loss there has been over that same period so I’m trying hard not to get too hung up on the numbers.

James also reminded me that the scale weight doesn’t count for The Ludus Transformation Challenge all that matters is what the callipers say.

I’m actually really glad that I have a habit of always taking weekly photos whenever I’m on some kind of weight loss challenge because even when the scales won’t budge a picture always worth a thousand words ..

Left 72.2kg Middle 67.9kg Right 67.7kg

I might be “dreaming” but I see a far greater difference than a mere 200 grams from Week2 and Week4 but I guess I’ll just have to wait till Saturday when I go for my half way point weigh in with Pax. Is is strange that I’m quite excited? lol

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