Gah my knee is killing me!

I went back to the doctor and she said I could up my diclofinac intake to twice a day, and she has given me a referral form for a scan if the knee doesn’t start getting better in a week or two.

I’m pretty sure its just cartilage or a tendon strain, it definitely doesn’t feel like I’ve torn the tendon (I know what that feels like because I’ve done the other knee) lol

Anyway, the lil boy slept so long I missed my gym rostered time as I had to go to the doctor (DH and I have a roster, its his night tonight, but sometimes I can squeeze a workout in the avo if Elias’ routine allows it).

Fat test tomorrow, last time I was 36.2% *eek* so I will be happy with a .5 loss per week for the last five weeks Ive been eating and training properly, I will be overjoyed with a 5% drop, but I don’t think I have been doing enough with my sore knee to get that. I’m also thinking I might change my goals to fat percentages. Mostly because I’ve started weight training again, and I can put on muscle pretty easily (which is obviously heavier than fat), which means my weight doesn’t drop as quickly as when I just do the cardio, however I don’t want to just be a smaller version of what I am now, I want to be a non jiggly version and to get that I need to weight train.

Anyway wish me luck .. at least ive done enough to earn my magazine for the month, I might go down to Henderson and choose my magazine and sit down at the coffee shop with a decafe trim flat white on Saturday.

Till next time


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