Running? Again? Why? Because I can’t? Well that’s stupid! But I get cake? Oh ok ..

It’s been nearly three months since I tore my calf muscle and it finally seems to be back to “full strength”.

I’ve been jogging short distances for a couple of weeks now and yesterday I (mostly unsuccessfully) gave double unders a go.

Now, here is what I’ve noticed since getting back into “full training” again;

I’m SUPER unfit and I seem to have completely forgotten how to skip!

Why oh why did I decide to take up a sport that requires you to be proficient in every god dam thing imaginable? You finally nail one skill and then go onto learn another but then become crap at the first thing #sigh

Anyway I digress ..

This is not a moan about how I suck at crossfit post, it’s a moan about how “running” unfit I am, and unfortunately I know the only way I’m going to get “run fit” is to actually run #sigh

Unfortunately being unfit and useless at running is not really enough motivation for me to don running shoes even if my husband says he will run with me, which in fact actually means he will walk next to me while I run, which is to say is “somewhat” annoying, even if he is kind of cute.

Instead I decided to sign up to next years Albany Run Series. I missed last years event because I wasn’t a runner anymore 😉 actually I think I may have been injured either way J did the series alone. This year he has convinced his friend who is trying to get fit to run the 5k so I figured I might as well tag along.

So now I don’t have a choice but to get onto this running lark, I’m slightly worried, I haven’t run any further than 2.5k in one go this year and when I say “I’m really unfit” I actually mean “really unfit”.

I thought to myself – hey! I know! Every man and his dog does the C25K program if it can get men and dogs running 5k then I should be a shoe in!

Unfortunately it’s a 9 week program and I have 5 ½ weeks till D Day. I wonder if I can just skip the first 3 weeks …

Guess we’ll soon find out.

Till next time



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