The day after the day that was

The question that most people want answered is;

“How do you feel?”

And the quick answer would be;

Like a 90 year old woman – but then again I’ve never been 90 so that is probably a little presumptuous of me.

Thursday night after the Ludus Marathon I arrived home to a freshly drawn epsom salt bath thanks to my husband. He sat and chatted with me (which equates to listening patiently to me droning on and on about my day in the arena) and I enjoyed a caramel slice for “dinner”.

When I got out I showered off threw down a protein shake and headed for bed. I’m pretty sure I was asleep before my head even hit the pillow!

I knew the following day was a scheduled rest day so I got an extra hours sleep which I desperately needed and I’m pleased to report I had the best sleep I have ever had! I woke up and tentatively put my feet on the floor waiting for my brain to register the pain.

I was surprised to find that apart from my quads feeling like rocks and my knee being tender I didn’t feel that bad, the only downside is that my quads felt like rocks so walking was not the most pleasant experience 😉

I spent all day with heat packs on my quads and the closest I got to exercise was hobbling to the physio, who incidentally made my knee feel like new. Also thanks to forward planning I had a massage booked in after work and I managed to hold in the tears as she rubbed down my legs and my back (apparently if you do 100’s of pullups you end up with huge knots).

So in a nutshell I am sore and I feel like I’ve done a marathon .. which I guess I have.

Tomorrow I’ve got to get back into training .. this could be interesting.

Till next time

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