Shit just got real!

I’m pretty sure when I started crossfit I initially said “I am never going to compete”.

Some how I went from never competing to doing my first two comps one week apart this month! How the heck did that happen?

Well actually I “know” how it happened but I’m just wondering how September rolled around so fast!

My first “taster” comp is a fun individual event that HPU are holding with Crossfit Quattro. This is more a fun day than an actual comp but I guess it’s a good warm up for the event proper the following weekend.

The following weekend is It takes 2 to Tango and the standards came out today (or at least I saw them at stupid o’clock today, I think they were released late Sunday night).

I saw a lot of people “moaning” about how they couldn’t do “so and so” or how “so and so” shouldn’t be included in beginners etc etc ..

Not Jerome and I .. we were moaning (to each other) about the things we didn’t get to do as beginners – although his list was way longer than mine 😉

I’m pretty sure I picked the correct division though I would have struggled with the overhead squats in the scaled division as the standard weight is right on the limits of what I’m comfortable with.

Next year though .. I’ll be all over it 😉

Till next time

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