Let’s dance

So on Monday I told you how I had my first ever “real competition” coming up at the end of the month and Crossfit Infinite had released the “It takes 2 to Tango” movement standards.

It’s a small book (literally)!

I get to skip the first two sections of the book as they belong to the “good peeps”.

The back 2 and a half pages outline the beginner’s movements, how to perform them and the weights (if applicable).

Since HPU have a large number of teams entered our coaches have been pushing us to really practice being under the bar for a long time without rest and designing our wods around the prescribed movements.

As such this week I’ve stepped up my game and I’m training with all intermediate standard weights so that when it comes time for me to compete at my competition weights they will seem light.

Well that’s the theory anyway ..

I’m actually enjoying lifting at the moment. That strength work I’ve been doing seems to be paying off and I’m not quite so timid under the bar as I used to be. I still lack technique and rely on brawn way too much but I’ve started back at the barbell club now that I’m slightly more confident with a bar in hand (overhead) and hopefully my lifting will get tidier.

If there was no running I’d be all over this “crossfit jazz” but no suck luck. 😉

It’s no big surprise to everyone who reads this blog that it will be the running that will let me down. Even when I actually used to run it was always more of a plod for a long time than a speed event.

Argh! *throws hands up in air* At least we know that will be our weak point and as long as there are more wods that don’t have running than do we should hopefully be able to make up some lost ground.

It’s like a real life game of chess 😉

Till next time

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