Being RX

I had a “strange” conversation yesterday ..

It went along these lines

“So how is your crossfit going?”
“Good thanks”
“You are in the gym every day, you must be close to RX by now”
“LOL no – give me a year or so”
“But its your aim? To be RX?”

I thought to myself who is going to say no .. I just want to turn up every day and stay shit ..??

I think people assume that to be an RX athlete you need to be “crossfit games material” but you don’t. That’s just like saying to be an elite runner you need to qualify for the Olympics.

RX *simply* means completing a workout exactly how it was designed (“as prescribed”) and I hadn’t even entertained the thought that one day I wouldn’t be able to do that.

But it also doesn’t mean that I think those two little letters are the be all and end all ..

Going RX gives you the ability to gauge yourself against others BUT there needs to be a distinction between a benchmark and putting ourselves in the best situation to improve and sometimes that means sucking up your ego and scaling.

Some people think “scaling” is a dirty word – I however have no qualms about not being able to complete a WOD without being able to put RX next to my name. Some days I’ll do a wod as a beginner, some days I’ll do a wod as an intermediate and on the very rare occasion (like I think it happened once) when the wod matches my skill set perfectly I’ll do a wod RX.

What is more important to me than those two letters is holding myself accountable and completing EVERY rep (and yes that means actually counting them) and ensuring each rep is as per standard and when I fail I redo them.

This morning I had to redo at least 3 of my chest to bar’s because my chest didn’t hit the bar (dam it) but that’s what is going to happen when I compete so I’ve got to get used to making every rep count.

I think I ended up 2 rounds behind the “slow” people at the end of this mornings amrap but I was still proud of what I had achieved. Heck I managed to connect 3 chest to bar pullups on each round before losing my rhythm and having to start over again. Considering I couldn’t even get my chest to the bar when I started I’m going to class this morning as a success.

(My double unders on the other hand … #sigh).

Till next time

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