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You haven’t read a blog post about Ludus in what seems like half a life time and the reason for this is because I haven’t been.

I think the last time I went was when I did the Ludus Games in April .. Whoah that is half a lifetime!

There were a number of reasons I stopped going, but the big two were injuries and space issues. Ludus got VERY popular and to put it bluntly I got f**ked off with people walking behind me when I went to burpee or in front of me as I was swinging a heavy object.

Apparently stupid oclock isn’t the best time of day for some people their brains haven’t started functioning properly yet. 😉

Anyway Ludus did a survey a few weeks back and apparently I’m not the only person who got their grump on over the amount of people and the lack of space so what did they do?  They knocked out all the offices and made the arena bigger!

Gotta love it when people run surveys then actually follow through!

This morning the stars were all in perfect alignment and I managed to set aside my entire morning to go back to my home sweet sweaty home. My welcome back to the arena gift was the fact that this morning we did “my kind of workout – An inverse ladder of burpees and crawls to warm up and then a 30 minute AMRAP with small reps

Ahhh what can I say .. Ludus fits like a glove ..

It’s always been more of a “home” than a “gym” and everyone quickly becomes your family. The motto “Have Fun, Train Hard, Belong” has never been just a catchy marketing gimmick.

There were the obligatory squeeeee’s, kisses, hugs, fist pumps and kicks to the head (don’t ask). My “family” were happy to have me back in the fold even if it was only for that one morning.

Now more than ever I need to ensure I find that all elusive balance and rejig my schedule because this morning made me realise that while HPU is perfect for my need to learn new skills and my competitive drive, Gymnastics is good for my love of “tricks” and Olympic lifting is teaching me how to conquer my inner demons ..

Ludus feeds my soul.

Till next time

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