When I decided to give crossfit a go I didn’t tell a soul.

I had always been on the anti crossfit bandwagon and it seemed hypocritical of me to then jump the fence with my long socks and short shorts after all I was a Ludian!

It wasn’t till I “graduated” from my Crossfit induction I came out of the closet and wrote a blog post coming clean about dabbling in the world of crossfit. I received a few messages that week from other Ludians who had also started training at crossfit facilities but they were yet to share this fact openly. We all saw training at a box instead of an area as somehow being disloyal.

As quite often happens in the land of Julia my dabbling turned into an (almost) everyday occurance and I was more a crossfitter who occasionally turned up to have her arse kicked Ludus styles.

I’ve found that I can move somewhat seamlessly between the two and no one really blinks an eye, even when I turn up wearing Ludus gear to the box (or vice versa). 😉

Lately I’ve found that more and more Ludians are giving crossfit a go and more crossfitters are turning up at Ludus.

All good right?

Well I thought so until this morning when I was talking with a friend about how we had both enjoyed the endurance wod at HPU this morning. I mentioned that I had been at Ludus prior to the session and they shook their head and said;

“I could never train somewhere else, this box is my home”

Fair enough. I (and probably most of us) totally understand how they feel but on the flipside, if baby birds never left the nest, they would never learn how to fly.

This is my view on the matter;

Experiencing different training styles, techniques and environments can only make you a more well-rounded athlete after all isn’t one of the main objectives of functional fitness about getting you to train outside of your comfort zones?

There are aspects of Ludus that make me a better crossfitter and there are aspects of crossfit that make me a stronger Ludian and I’m quite comfortable accessing the best both has to offer.

Let’s stop treating multi facility training as some kind of scandal. Go out and unashamedly make the entire world your playground!

Till next time




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